We are pleased to announce that Philippe CAMPOS, Managing Partner Afival, has been approved as Arbitrator by the members of the CMAP Commission (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris).

Created in 1995 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as an association under the 1901 law, CMAP is today the leader in France and one of the main European centres for the management and resolution of commercial disputes.

Let us recall that arbitration is a jurisdictional, private mode of conflict resolution, regulated in articles 1442 and following of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC). It consists in submitting, by contract, a dispute which has arisen or may arise between one or more natural or legal persons to the jurisdiction of a third party, the arbitrator or the arbitral tribunal (when several arbitrators are involved), independent and impartial, who is responsible for settling the dispute in accordance with the rules of law and commercial practice applicable to it. The arbitrator then makes a decision, known as an arbitral award, which is binding on the parties, meaning that it is binding on them, and puts an end to the dispute.

Source: CMAPSource: CMAP

For more information on CMAP, we advise you to visit their website with the following link: CMAP.