Why trust us?


Our firm has the particularity of being on a human scale and of being able to handle large and complex cases (company mergers in a turnaround context, litigation between shareholders worth several million euros, etc.) in highly responsive conditions.

Our size and cost structure allow us to offer competitive pricing conditions that are particularly adapted to SMEs and ETIs (SmidCap).

The partner in charge of the entrusted file intervenes personally on the mission. Depending on the size of the case and the time required to complete it, he will be assisted by a highly experienced team.

We have worked in a multitude of business sectors, allowing us to adapt quickly during the familiarization phase.


To know:

Our firm is registered with the Ordre Paris Ile de France and with the Compagnie des Commissaires aux Comptes.


We are members of several professional organizations, including: Société Française des Evaluateurs (SFEV), Compagnie Nationale des Experts Comptables de Justice, Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Finance et Diagnostic, Compagnie des Experts près les Cours Administratives d’Appel de Paris et de Versailles, Association Française d’Arbitrage (AFA), Association Française en Faveur de l’Institution Consulaire (AFFIC).

We regularly work with investment funds, lawyers and colleagues. We are also solicited by the courts as financial experts. Many SMEs and ETIs have placed their trust in us.

We have carried out our missions in France and abroad. Our missions are also carried out in French or English.


Financial Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence, Implementation and follow-up of financial reporting and cash flow plans.



Valuation of companies, businesses and brands in different contexts.



Statutory audit, Contribution, special benefits and merger audit, Contractual financial audit.



Intervention within the framework of conflicts between shareholders or others: Expert valuation 1592 or 1843-4 of the French Civil Code, tax valuation, financial loss quantification.


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