Evaluation and modeling

Our skills and assets

  • We exploit the economic, stock market and transactional databases used by financial valuation professionals to provide you with reliable and documented analysis.
  • We are members of the Compagnie Nationale des Experts Judiciaires en Finance et Diagnostic and the Société Française des Evaluateurs.
  • Beyond quantified elements, our approach is based on a global and transversal understanding of the company, through a prior diagnosis of the company, its environment and its strategic positioning. This approach allows, in particular, to have a very relevant appreciation of the main assumptions underlying the business plan used in a financial valuation.
  • Our missions are carried out in strict compliance with our professional ethics, which guarantees the credibility of the values determined. In addition, the partner in charge of financial valuations is an expert before the Paris Court of Appeal in the speciality of business valuation.

The context of our interventions

  • In a transactional context: valuation in the perspective of a transaction and which can be used as a support for negotiations.
  • In a regulatory context: valuation in the context of an independent expertise, stock exchange operations, tax administration (ISF…), a commissioner for contributions, donations or transmissions…
  • In a financial modeling context: assistance in the development or validation of business plans, evaluation of strategic and financial options, etc.
  • In an accounting context: valuation of intangible assets, purchase price allocations, impairment tests, etc.

The realization of our work results in the drafting of a motivated, objective and independent opinion. Our work is carried out in accordance with the best market practices.

We are members of the Société Francaise des Evaluateurs (SFEV).

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Financial evaluations carried out